Eco-pens with print – ecology is one of hot topics nowdays. It is favorable to many enterprises and organizations to use eco-gift advertizing because   it ideally displays enterprises' and organizations' purposes and interest connected with nature, processing of materials, etc. Also eco souvenirs with print will suit such industries as cosmetology, medicine, printing houses. Also often the informational centers for choose eco souvenirs to present their city as eco-friendly. It is important that these pens will remind about your organization therefore it is necessary to prepare well-modeled example which will allow everyone to understand that it is about your organisation . It is easy to combine eco-pens with eco-notebooks. Clients who protect environment will have positive  attitude to your organization.
Bamboo pen
€ 0.58
Eco full color pen
€ 0.39
Eco pen
€ 0.36
Paper pen
€ 0.34
€ 0.66
Eco pen - CORK
€ 0.49
Eco pen BAMBOO
€ 0.43
Wood pen TWISTER
€ 0.93
Bamboo pen 3 in 1
€ 0.63
Wood P2
€ 6.99
Wood exclusive
€ 16.80
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