Board games with print. An attractive way how to please the recipient with gift, having  shown to the recipient that sometimes should plunge into the world of game in order to isolate from stressful world. Your organisation's logo will be well noticed in board game.Creative gift makes pleasant impression about interests of your organization. Board games with your logo will be able to improve your cooperation with the recipient. For print , we use tampoprint  and also an engraving.
Puzzle cube
€ 1.68
Pocket puzzle - LOGIC
€ 1.68
Domino - Animal
€ 4.51
Game 4 in 1
€ 6.57
Labirinth FL1
€ 4.01
Game "Mikado"
€ 3.27
Puzzle A5
€ 4.01
€ 3.35
Arcade game
€ 8.12
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